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Custom Home Construction & Remodeling

Polk County, FL & Surrounding Areas

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WCM Construction & Roofing, wants to be a part of creating your masterpiece.  Custom home building and remodeling are our specialties, it is an art, and we take pride in our work.   We have been in the business of building custom designed homes for over 16 years.  Our attention to detail and understanding the needs of our customers is what sets us apart from our competition and makes us the best experts on custom home construction.


We have a concrete reputation for producing quality work, staying on budget, completing the project on time, and not just meeting our customers’ expectations, but exceeding them.  Todd Warren's creative and innovative ideas help take the stress out of any project.  We want this experience to be exciting for our clients. The hardest part, but most enjoyable, is choosing the options for your new home.  Our team will guide you through the entire process, from just talking about your vision, to walking through the front door of your new home or remodel.  We want to make you happy!!  Contact us today for your free consultation with our home building experts.

What to expect when you contact us 

WCM Construction & Roofing is a family business and we treat our customers like part of our family.  We are ecstatic when our team meets with a client one on one for the first time.  While at our office you will visit our showroom where we have a variety of options for you to look at.  Come on in, relax, and let us get to know what you want the overall look and feel of your new beautiful custom-built home or remodel to be.  We not only want your home to meet all your needs but also fit your lifestyle while keeping your budget.  


Once the budget is decided the next phase is design. We will guide you through this by conceptualizing your project, then if needed, referring you to a design professional.  Should you have a design plan already and want to hire our company a licensed professional will begin the permitting process once the paperwork is finalized. 

Construction starts when the governmental municipalities approve the plans. As the company for custom home construction Winter Haven, FL relies on, we know the importance of providing our clients with a timeline and schedule. WCM has established relationships with the top subcontractors and vendors in our area. Your job is in good hands. The budget is a priority and looked at daily.  We realize once the job starts there might be some ideas or items that our client might want to be added or deleted. We are here and want our customers feel free to express any changes they may want during the construction process.  Please know any changes by the client to the plan can affect the cost of the job and timeline for completion. 

The last and most exciting phase is when the project is near completion or finished.  A walk through with the client is done.  At this time concerns and questions are addressed.   WCM Construction & Roofing wants to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their custom home or remodeling experience.  Please contact us if you have a problem or question.  We provide our clients with a one-year warranty should an issue occur.

Choose our team for your building needs

Commercial Construction requires a company that is experienced, trustworthy, dependable, keeps on budget, and completes the job on time. WCM Construction & Roofing is that company, we are state licensed, bonded, insured, and have over 30 years of staff experience.  We welcome your business.   A repeat client or a referral from a previous client is the biggest compliment we could ever ask for.  Call today for your custom home or remodeling needs.


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