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Why should I have my Commercial Roof inspected in Polk County & Surrounding Areas?   Do I need an estimate?


This structural element is a crucial part of your building and it cannot provide protection and safety without being in good working order.  According to The National Roofing Contractors Association all roofs should be inspected at least twice a year and after extreme weather events no matter the age of the roof.  Roof maintenance can add years of life to your roof.  It is a good investment.  A roof in disrepair is a disaster waiting to happen and can cost you not only income but become a safety issue.  The benefits of having inspections are not only protecting valuable inventory and the structure itself, but also the staff who work under it and the customers who do business there.

Why choose WCM for your roofing inspection?

  • Our roofing professionals will evaluate your commercial rooftop by looking at the scuppers, walls, drains, vents curbs, flashing details, edges, and inspect the joints.

  • We will meet with you one on one and will provide a detailed report with pictures reviewing all the parts of your current roofing structure, including insulation, deck type, and overall condition.  

  • You may request an estimate free of charge if a problem is identified.

  • If an estimate is desired, we will review material options and will help find the most cost-effective way to maintain the current rooftop and plan for a replacement when needed.  If a replacement roof is indicated at this time our staff will work hard to try to keep you within your budget.

  • Our licensed roofing contractor and staff will work together to ensure your roof is installed in a timely manner.  We are available during the installation process for any questions or concerns.  We want your experience with our company to be as stress free as possible.

  • After your commercial roof is completed you may contact us anytime.  We provide a 5-year workmanship warranty.

  • Our company has been installing and repairing both commercial and residential roofs throughout Polk County and surrounding areas for over 16 years.  We are state certified and bonded and are known for our attention to detail and quality work.

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