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TPO - Thermoplastic Polyolefin


Ribbed Metal Panel Roof

What is Ribbed Metal?

ribbed metal panel has ribs with sloping sides. It forms trapezoidal-shaped voids at the side lap. The way the panel’s profile is raised provides much of its bending strength. The ribs on these panels create strong, bold lines that are aesthetically pleasing and offer a unique approach to traditional metal panels. Most ribbed metal was originally designed to work hard in agricultural settings, but has now moved to more residential and commercial environments. It’s durability and adaptability make it a favorite for roofing, siding, fencing, and interior projects alike!

Benefits of Ribbed Metal Panels

Ribbed metal has quite a few benefits that make it a favorite for homeowners, contractors, and architects. Here are just a few:

  • Easier Installation — Since Ribbed metal panels use an exposed fastener system, meaning the hardware used to secure them to the substrate is on the outside of the panels rather than underneath them, it makes installation easier. DIY enthusiasts love these panels for their easy use.

  • Versatility — Ribbed metal also has the ability to be used in many different ways. From commercial and residential builds to pole barns on the farm, this panel’s versatility is unmatched. Plus, it can be used in so many different applications, including roofing, siding, fencing, accents, and interior applications.

  • High Performance — Ribbed metal originates from agricultural settings. These panel's ability to perform well in all types of weather and environments can’t go unnoticed. From snow and hail to high-speed winds, you can be confident in your Ribbed metal’s ability to perform well and last for decades to come.

  • Longevity — Due to the Ribbed metal panel’s ability to perform so well, their lifetime expectancy is another added benefit. You can expect your metal panels to last between 40-70 years. Unlike other materials like shingles, which may only last between 10-20 years, your Ribbed metal roof, siding, fence, or interior project will be sure to stand the tests of time with ease.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing seam metal roofing panels are a product family of metal roofing. In the purest form, they are panels with male and female legs that are engaged and installed with clips to the roofing substructure. As panel options have grown however, it is common to see clipless panels included in this product family as well.

Regardless of the attachment method, it can consistently be maintained that standing seam panels do not use exposed fasteners in the plane of the panel during panel installation. Depending on project specifics, exposed fasteners may or may not be utilized for trim applications.

Standing seam systems are used for a wide range of applications and projects. These systems feature interlocking seams that connect panels, giving the roof a distinct, and attractive, appearance. Furthermore, standing seam systems are manufactured from high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life.

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